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Is your child acting out at home or at school? Or does he or she face other challenges like anxiety, divorce, autism, adjustment, depression, ADHD, or grief? If you feel like you are worried about about your child or at your wits end as a parent, let me help. When your child gets his behavior under control, everyone in your family benefits.

Children and adolescents come to my office struggling with being successful at home and/or at school. My goal is to help them get back on track, and help with parenting strategies for parents. In my play therapy room, children and adolescents are provided age-appropriate, creative activities designed to help them make positive changes in their life. They have fun and get better in the process. A win-win for parents and kids alike!

Play Therapy is an evidence-based practice that reaches children using their natural language - play. You can get more information about Play Therapy by visiting the website for the Association for Play Therapy at

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